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Boundaries- There is no beach side fishing and there will be no boundaries only Texas waters weigh-in starts at 1:00 PM and ends at 5:00 Pm Sharp you have to be in line at 5:00 Pm to be counted.

About: The boundaries of the tournament are all Texas waters except ocean side. Each entry will receive a raffle ticket at the weigh in for chance to win prizes at weigh in. All competitors must stay within 100 yards from another competitor unless invited in. You may fish with another angler but remember this is an individual tournament and no sharing or pooling of fish is allowed. First cast at 6 am you can be on the water but do not cast until 6:00 A.M Weigh in is at Sunset Lounge in San Leon Tx 

1222 11th st, San Leon,TX 77539

Lures:  All fish must be caught by rod and reel , You may use any lures of choice to fish with there will be no use of bait in this tournament.

Regulations: All State and Federal Laws Apply. At all times anglers must comply with US Coast Guard and State rules and regulations for the area you are fishing. Upon signing the waiver before launching, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions and are stating that you have read the rules and understand the law. Every fisherman must have a valid Texas Fishing License.

Registration: NO CAPTAINS MEETING THIS YEAR. Participation is open to all anglers 18 and up, minors 16 and 17 must have written guardian consent signed and verified 3 days prior to tournament date. Minors under 16 must have written consent and be accompanied by an adult during tournament. Registration is available either online or in person (Cash only) This tournament has no max on anglers signed up. All participants will be required to sign the waiver form at purchase of the tournament online.

Restrictions: As of 01/12/2020 We are allowing the use of ELECTRIC POWERED kayaks. A MAXIMUM of 1HP-70LB of thrust is the max you can use.  Kayaks that have the ability to run on a trolling motor or other Electric Propulsion may be used. The use of Propane or Gasoline powered kayaks/skiffs style boats/john boats or Canoe is PROHIBITED. This event is a wade/kayak/tournament only. No ‘ferrying’ from a motorized watercraft is allowed. No usage of Drones at all for spotting fish. As this is an individual tournament, no tandem boats are allowed. You may walk in wade fish without a kayak. If you choose to wade fish you must walk in from a bank/shoreline.   Participants may not hire a guide 7 days prior to tournament. No pre-fishing allowed 12hrs before tournament. You must launch or walk in wade from a publicly accessible area. No launching from private property allowed. First cast is at 6 am. This is an team tournament. Assistance from other participants of any kind are PROHIBITED.  Boats and Skiffs are PROHIBITED.


Weigh ins will being at 1pm and end at 5pm. You must be in line before 5pm to have your fish entered. Check in line will be clearly marked to determine where the line will start. Awards will be given after all the results have been processed.

Safety: You must have your PFD within arm’s reach at all times. All anglers are responsible for their own well-being and determination of safe sea conditions. Saltwater Survival Series is not responsible for injuries or death. 

Fishing With Team Member: Team members must Launch together and weigh in their fish together at the same time. While fishing Team Members must be in a visual site of one another that is sufficient enough to get to each other in a quick manner in case of emergencies or need of assistance from your partner. Your Team will be disqualified if found not fishing together or not launching in the same area. 

Honor System: We trust that all anglers will abide by the honor system. Breaking the rules in any way will disqualify the angler and team from this tournament and all future Saltwater Survival Series tournaments. Breaking any rules to get an unfair advantage does not keep the playing field level and completely defeats the purpose of this tournament!!! Lines in the water at 6:00 am you may launch at anytime on tournament day!

Polygraph: Each contestant who fishes Saltwater Survival Series agrees to potentially submit to a polygraph examination at a time and location determined by the Tournament Directors following the end of the competition in each event and abides by its conclusion. Failure to pass the polygraph will result in disqualification. 

Protests: All protests must be submitted in writing along with a $300 cash deposit, within thirty (30) minutes of check-in time to the Tournament Director. The protester also agrees that if there is a question of verifying the charge of a protest that he or she also may be subject to take a polygraph and agree to testify in a court of law if necessary. If the Tournament Director, or polygraph, upholds the protest, the cash deposit shall be returned to the contestant submitting the protest. All prize money can or will be with held upon protest investigation if

necessary by the tournament director.


Wavier: Once you register for the Saltwater Survival Series event(s), you agree to all rules that will be listed, and willingly know that by competing in the Saltwater Survival Series Tournament(s) I am on my own. There is no support staff in the competition while on the water. Any loss of equipment, damages of equipment, injury or death, sustained during the course of the competition is the responsibility of the contestant. You will be responsible for your own actions and safety while abiding by ALL Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations as well as the United States Coast Guard regulations. This is a outdoor event, Saltwater Survival Series owners and any affiliates or sponsors of any financial or legal parties are not responsible for any injuries, death, damages to personal property equipment or vehicles. Person(s) who sign up for the tournament have understood all of the rules and regulations provided. Person(s) also understand that this is a competition and there is a possibility I (you) might not win. Each Contestant is responsible for their own personal state or federal taxes of any winnings earned. You also understand and agree that if you do not abide by any rules you forfeit all of your rights and could or will be disqualified 

Weigh BagsAngler(s) may NOT share weigh bags with anyone who is not on your team. You must have your OWN fish in hand or bag before walking to the check in line or weigh station. Angler(s) who are caught sharing weigh bags with other teams will be disqualified and will not be aloud to weigh in their fish. Saltwater Survival Series has weigh bags when available that anglers may use at the start of the check in line. Anglers must please return the weigh bags back to the tournament so that way we can have them available for other anglers who might need them at the time of tournament day.

Redfish Tournament Eligible Fish: This is a two Redfish stringer for your team. You will receive a 0.5 pound bonus for 1 live fish you bring in, if its on its last breath is alive but must show some sign of movement on its own. YOUR FISH MUST BE BETWEEN 20 AND 28 INCHES BEFORE YOU STRING IT.  The weigh master, scorekeeper, and tournament directors have the final say in determining whether or not a fish is considered mutilated or frozen. No frozen or mutilated fish will be accepted. You may not alter your fish in any way. Before stringing your fish, make sure you sweep the tail to make sure it does not exceed 28 inches. If there is a tie, the angler that weighed in first wins the tie.

Side Pots Regulations: Side pots for Redfish, Trout and flounder are a 1 fish side pot for each species. Redfish must be between 20"-28", Trout must be over 15"Minimum to 23" Max ., Flounder must be minimum 15" . 

Side Pots- will be measured on heaviest weight in each category. There will be no bonus for live fish. No frozen or mutilated fish will be accepted. The weigh master, scorekeeper, and tournament directors have the final say in determining whether or not a fish is considered mutilated or frozen. You may not alter your fish in any way. If there is a tie, the angler that weighed in first wins the tie.

1) Slam Side Pot- pot will consist of 1 Red, 1 Trout, and 1 Flounder in a single heavy string.

2) Most Spots Side Pot- Spots will be counted on both sides of a picked single Redfish for a total number. The most spots on a single Redfish will be the winner. In the event of a tie the fish that was weighed in first will win. 

3) Multi Redfish Side Pots- You will use the 2 redfish you weigh in for both Redfish side pots Slam/Spots

Weigh Master: Weigh Master has the final say on fish that are deemed ineligible to be weighed in, further review may be taken up with Tournament Directors to come to a group decision to deem fish(s) eligible for weigh in. 

Scoring:  In the event of a tie, the team to weigh in first shall be declared the winner.
Right of Refusal:  Saltwater Survival Series reserves the right to refuse entry to a participant for any reason. If you have paid your entry & are denied entry to the event, you will be given a full refund. In the event of a tie on a event on a category the person who weighs in their fish first will win. 

Inclement Weather:  If the weather looks to be inclement, it is the contestant’s responsibility to check Saltwater Survival Series website, Facebook or call the Tournament Directors to see if the event is canceled or not. 

Weigh In will be held at Sunset Lounge in San Leon, TX address below

1222 11th ST, San Leon, Tx 77539

There will also be a silent auction with some awesome prizes and products. All money raised will benefit Heros on the Water Galveston Chapter. 100% payout to anglers, payouts will be 1st-5th place. 

Tournament Directors:
Daniel Hayes & Tony Keill

Operations Manager

Nicolas Gibson 

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