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About Us:
The Saltwater Survival Series is a unique style kayak/wade fishing tournament where anglers fish a three fish species year long Tournament to compete for Angler of the Year (AOY).


Boundaries are open to all bay waters along the Texas Coast.  This provides one of the most level playing fields in any style of tournament kayak fishing.

Every year we try and make this the biggest and baddest tournament that everyone wants to fish and tell their friends and family. Anglers all ACROSS the state will school up to our tournament and fish against each other and see who will Survive it all.


We call these Anglers "Survivalist". Each Angler must try and place at the top in order to Survive and become Angler of the Year. 


Tournament Owners-Directors: Daniel Hayes, Tony Keill 

Angler of the year 2023 


Jason Blackwell

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